The Humble Beginnings of Nelson Acres

My lifelong dream has been to be a farmer. I have been researching and reviewing organic and sustainable methods for a couple of years now, and am now trying to put some of this into practice on my 1/2 acre preparation of the day when I can make that dream come true. This blog is going to be my place to document, share, and follow my successful and unsuccessful attempts as Nelson Acres moves closer to reality.

17 June 2011

 This is just my favorite little garden, with rosemary in the back, oregano in the  middle, and my beloved lantana to lure the butterflies my way.  That figure is from my grandmother's garden, and the well is something Autumn had been begging for the last two years.
 This is not the best part of the garden to be honest.  My little blueberry plant is struggling, so I'll find better places for those next year.  Then I have kale, basil, and broccoli.  The broccoli did not do well again this year, I think my timing is bad in planting it.  I will keep trying though!
 This is the butterfly/hummingbird garden (the previous picture is the right side of this, in front of the brick wall).  This is to attract all my pollinators, then I stuck some veggies in for fun.  This garden was all ugly ivy last year. I had it dug up, then had fresh dirt delivered and put in the retaining wall.  Autumn planted all the butterfly weed, cosmos, and bachelor buttons that are in the lower part.  They are all flowering at this point!
 These are some tomato and pepper plants.  This is my 'fancy garden', shaped like a sunburst...yes a splurge...
 More tomatoes and peppers....they are bigger now (these pictures taken two weeks ago), and some are already beginning to have little fruits on them.
 This is the nasurtium.  The leaves are edible, and currently it has pretty orange flowers on it.  The second row is carrots and radishes, then above it is rainbow chard and some insectory mix.
 The large purple/green bush in the middle back is the Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth...again..very excited for this harvest!
 This is my corn plot, also containing squash, zucchini, watermelon, cucumbers, peas, and room for weeds!  These are now also much bigger, the corn is at least my height.  And I saw some changes in it...will hopefully get a new picture soon...
 My zucchini...can't wait to try it!

This is my greens garden.  They have all now gone bitter, so I need to turn them into compost and plant some more veggies in there...just need the energy to do so!
 Marigolds are supposed to keep away nasty bugs, so I have them planted throughout the garden...they also happen to one of Autumn's favorites!
 Some more nasurtium...and another addition from my grandmother's garden behind them.
 I think these are the cosmos...they are beautiful colors now!
This is the side yard where the raised garden beds you can see...plenty of more room for next year!

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