The Humble Beginnings of Nelson Acres

My lifelong dream has been to be a farmer. I have been researching and reviewing organic and sustainable methods for a couple of years now, and am now trying to put some of this into practice on my 1/2 acre preparation of the day when I can make that dream come true. This blog is going to be my place to document, share, and follow my successful and unsuccessful attempts as Nelson Acres moves closer to reality.

17 June 2011

Amaranth...a lucky guess on my part! ex-husband (of all people) was dropping my daughter off and as is his habit now that we are civil, he takes the opportunity to appraise my gardens.  Generally, he is very approving, and I have to admit I find this all mildly amusing.  But as he was studying my one garden, he asked me about a particular plant.  It is Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth...I told him I bought it to attract wildlife.  It was kind of a splurge at the time.  But his question did pique my interest about it, since I have looked up so many other things, but I let this just be a pretty addition.
Well, thank goodness he asked about it...amaranth is an amazing plant, and not just for its gorgeous look (hey that describes me, ha ha ha ha)!  The seeds can be used a grain, but without the allergies and intolerance of  other true grains and corn.  It can be cooked, ground into flour, popped like popcorn.  And that's just the seeds.  The leaves can be eaten as well.  The young leaves can be used like spinach, and when they age a bit they taste better cooked.  Amazing!  It is very high in protein and hordes of other vitamins. 
I am now looking at this addition to my garden with new found respect!  I'm also even more eager for it blossom and ultimately give me some of the those seeds to try. Let me attach the pictures I've been promising and see if it is in there...I hadn't been looking for it specifically...but here are the gardens!

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